The industry’s super-entrepreneurs discuss technology and business trends

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How will cloud services and technical security solutions based on AI change the security market? What do the trends look like, in terms of technology, and how are business models affected? How should the cyber threats be met? How is the security market affected by an increasingly troubled geopolitical environment? 

These are some of the questions to be discussed when security industry super entrepreneurs Martin Gren and Dean Drako take the stage on opening day to share their view of the market today and tomorrow. 


Martin Gren, one of the founders of Axis Communication, which developed, manufactured and marketed the world's first network camera. It was also Martin Gren who in the mid-nineties drove the company to invest in network cameras. 

Dean Drako, the founder and CEO of cloud video surveillance company Eagle Eye Networks. He is also chairman of the board of Brivo, which was the first manufacturer to offer cloud-based access control. In addition, Drako is the founder, president and CEO of Barracuda Networks, where he created the IT security industry's first spam filter. Add to that that Dean Drako founded and is CEO of Drako Motors, which launched the Drako GTE, an electric luxury supercar. 

Pierre Racz, founder of Genetec, world-leading developer and producer of VMS (video surveillance software) and the unifying open platform Security Center.

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