Perimeter surveillance – how to optimize the technology for early discovery of intruders ?

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According to the market analyst company Valuate Report, the market for perimeter security will have an annual growth of 6,9% from 2022 to 2028. The global market revenue will grow from todays 125 to 128 billion dollars in 2028. 

The demand for electronic perimeter security is great and the alternatives in technical solutions are many. Above all, the development within intelligent analyzing software, machine learning and deep learning has enabled higher reliability and accuracy in the systems. 

The participants will discuss the status of today’s different security systems, how smart is the technology, and how can unnecessary alarms be avoided and at the same time offer systems whose sensitivity will detect real threats with precision? Which technologies work best in different perimeter applications and what we can expect of future security systems. 

Of course, the panel will also include the threat of drones and how to handle it.  


Participants: Sonny Hardarsson, Axis, Kenneth Nyström, Securify, Erik Nord, Genetec & Ramon Oolthuis

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