Successful collaborations are created by good dialogue and knowledge

A changed security policy situation with the NATO application and a war in Europe. Recently, Sweden's defense has been constantly relevant in some of society's most discussed issues. The Swedish Armed Forces will be at SKYDD to spread knowledge and answer questions about their work.

Jonas Wannberg works as an HR strategist at the Swedish Armed Forces' headquarters and works daily to create cooperation with other industries and employers in skills supply with the aim of creating a successful personnel flow, both to and from the Swedish Armed Forces. To be able to do this, Jonas believes that the key is knowledge and understanding of Sweden's total defence.

– Conducting dialogue and conversation is an important part of the work and then SKYDD is a good platform for us. Our main aim is to meet and talk to as many people as possible, says Jonas Wannberg.

The Swedish Armed Forces have participated in SKYDD in previous years and have always been very satisfied with the results of the fair. 

– For us, SKYDD is about being able to meet visitors and exhibitors in the security industry to have the conversation about competence supply, sharing personnel, and about how we are all part of Sweden's defense.

Jonas continues:

 –  Then, of course, we are also on site to answer the public's questions about everything that is going on now. The NATO application and the war in Ukraine, we understand that there are many questions and we are of course there to answer them.

The role of organizations and companies in total defence
An important part of the work is to spread knowledge about total defense and its structure. Everyone is part of Sweden's defense and according to Jonas, it's about helping both individuals and organizations to understand their part of it, and that happens when you meet and talk about it.

– For organizations and company management, some planning and work is required according to guidelines from authorities, and this can create questions about how everything actually works. So it's very important for us to talk about.

Sharing expertise is part of the future
Part-time service within the Swedish Armed Forces is another topic on the Swedish Armed Forces' program, which is about maintaining military competence. According to Jonas, sharing staff is a matter of self-preservation.

– Today, many companies find it difficult to find competence, so do we. When we have a well-educated person who can imagine working both within the Armed Forces and the security sector, we must make sure to use it in a good way. This often means that you work a few weeks a year with us in the Armed Forces and the rest of the time you work with your regular employer, in another profession.

Jonas says that during his years in the industry, he has been able to see a great development regarding the cooperation with other employers and industries regarding the supply of skills. The work has been a lot about meeting employers and giving them information.

– Once a dialogue has been started, many employers are very receptive. It is important to be clear with each other from the start when the skills are needed, and in which types of situations. Simply the right person, with the right skills, in the right place and at the right time.