The security market's super entrepreneurs will be attending SKYDD

Pierre Racz, Genetec, Martin Gren, Axis Communications and Dean Drako, Eagle Eye Networks/Brivo will be attending the security fair SKYDD to participate in a panel discussion on technology and market trends on October 25th.

Martin Gren, Pierre Racz and Dean Drako, three of the of the top entrepreneurs in the security market will be attending SKYDD to discuss trends. 
The panel discussion takes place on the opening day of the security fair, October 25 at 10.45am.

Lennart Alexandrie, publisher at AR Media International, who for a long time worked to get the trio to come to Stockholmsmässan, is almost lyrical about the announcement that all three entrepreneurs agreed to participate in the panel at SKYDD, during the first day of the security fair.

That these giants of the security industry take the same stage to give their views on technology and market trends is fantastic. It is not at one of the most famous international security fairs such as Sicherheit in Essen, or ISC West in Las Vegas or Ifsec London, but here at SKYDD in Stockholm, that this event will take place, he comments.

Father of the network camera
So who are these super entrepreneurs? For security people in Sweden, of course, Martin Gren is a well-known name. He is one of the founders of Axis Communications and was the one who in the mid-nineties took responsibility for Axis' investment in network cameras and who reached a milestone in 1996 when Axis launched the world's first network-based surveillance camera. It became the embryo of the multi-billion dollar industry that network video is today. Since then, Axis has launched many different camera models and has been a driving innovator in the field of technology. In addition, the Lunda company, which is now owned by Canon, has launched many other network-based products in areas such as access control, sound (speakers), thermal cameras and radar detection.

Multi-entrepreneur and cloud pioneer with own car brand
Dean Drako is the founder and CEO of cloud video surveillance company Eagle Eye Networks. He is also chairman of the board of Brivo, which was the first with cloud-based access control. Additionally, Drako is the founder of Barracuda Networks, which created the IT security industry's first spam filter. Add to that that Dean Drako founded and is CEO of Drako Motors, which launched the Drako GTE, an electric luxury supercar.

The VMS entrepreneur and debater
Pierre Racz, founder of Genetec, world leading developer and producer of video management software and also one of the fastest growing access control software providers. He is also well known for his stance on state-owned Chinese camera makers that he believes pose a cybersecurity risk.

Technology and market trends
In the SKYDD panel, the three entrepreneurs will give their views on technology and market trends. How will cloud services and AI-based security solutions change the security market? What do the trends look like in terms of security providers' technology offerings and business models? How should the cyber threats be met? How is the security market affected by an increasingly troubled geopolitical environment?

These are some examples of issues to be discussed when the security industry's super entrepreneurs take the stage on opening day to share their views on the market today and tomorrow.

I hope and believe that this panel discussion will be very well attended. It is perhaps the only opportunity to see these living legends together on the same stage. Hearing them talk about today's and tomorrow's market and also being able to ask them questions is an opportunity you shouldn't miss, says Lennart Alexandrie.

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